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Canna Law Blog on Social Media

Our cannabis business lawyers frequently receive emails from blog readers asking them where they can be found on social media. Today, we’ll respond to those emails and to let all of our readers know about the full extent of our social media presence. If you can’t get enough of Canna Law Blog, you can find more of us in the following places: 

Facebook. We have an exceedingly popular and perpetually growing Facebook page here. We are nearing 170,000 likes/followers and regularly get more than a million visitors weekly there. Our goal with that page is to widely disseminate and initiate discussion on a wide swath of uber-topical cannabis issues, as well psychedelics as the field emerges. Our Facebook page has links to our blog posts, events, and other cannabis/psychedelic-related news or articles. We allow for a wide range of views on our Facebook page and we delete only those comments hateful of others, but not comments that are anti-cannabis. We also delete comments that involve the selling or marketing a specific company or product. 

Twitter/Publications.  Our blog and a number of our cannabis lawyers have the following Twitter accounts, with posting frequencies all over the map: 

@cannalawblog. You’ll find the latest cannabis news and updates about events that Harris Bricken cannabis attorneys partake in, such as Harris Bricken’s free webinars. 
@cannabizlawyer. This is Hilary Bricken’s account. Hilary tweets pretty regularly and as head of our Los Angeles cannabis practice, many of her tweets have a California/Los Angeles flavor. Connect with her on LinkedIn 
@vince_sliwoski. This is Vince Sliwoski’s account. Vince is the head of our Portland cannabis business practice and he tweets pretty regularly on general interest and Oregon cannabis issues. Connect with him on LinkedIn. 
  @SimonMalinowski. This is Simon Malinowski’s account. Simon is the head of Harris Bricken’s New York office and is a great resource to keep up to date on all things about cannabis in New York. Connect with him on LinkedIn. 
 @MasonMarksMD. This is Mason Marks‘ account. Mason is not only involved in the cannabis industry, but he is also an expert on the fast-emerging psychedelics industry. Follow him to keep up with cannabis and psychedelic law news. Connect with him on LinkedIn 
@GriffenThorne1This is Griffen Thorne’s account. Griffen is a transactional business attorney and many of his posts revolve around California cannabis and the legal business aspects of the cannabis business. Connect with him on LinkedIn 
 @RocafortFred. This is Fred Rocafort’s account. Fred is highly involved in international business, and you can find international cannabis news on his account from time to time. Connect with him on LinkedIn. 
 @Jonathan_Bench. This is Jonathan Bench’s account.  Jonathan handles international business matters and is involved in the cannabis and emerging products industries. Connect with him on LinkedIn. 

You can also find us on LinkedIn and YouTube. Like, follow, subscribe, and enjoy!

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