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Real Estate Development in California: Join us February 26 in L.A.!

california land use

Developers of cannabis projects in California want to turn projects around as quickly and cheaply as possible, and are frequently frustrated by the amount of time, money, and effort required for the entitlement process. On Wednesday, February 26, a panel of real estate development experts will explain the entitlement process in California at a LACBA panel moderated by our own Julie Hamill.

Julie will be joined by:

  • Amy Freilich, Partner at Armbruster Goldsmith & Delvac;
  • Larry Kosmont, CEO of Kosmont Companies; and
  • Corinne Verdery, Chief Development Officer at Caruso.

The panelists will describe the steps that a developer goes through to entitle a project, and how political strategies, community outreach, CEQA, and new development laws play into the process. Theses panelists are working on some of the biggest development projects in Southern California and will share their war stories, successes, and challenges with the audience in a guided discussion followed by audience Q&A.

This panel is for real estate practitioners, land use lawyers, developers, and students eager to learn more about how the mysterious world of land use really works. The panel is not tailored specifically toward the cannabis industry, but will be worthwhile for anyone interested in development in this or any other industry in California. Registration information is available here.

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